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How To Play Kakuro

Kakuro can be seen as the mathematical equivalent of a crossword with black and white squares and clues reading left to right and top to bottom to give the solution to which numbers need to be entered to correctly complete the puzzle.

The rules of Kakuro are quite simple and follow the following rule set: (examples will be given below)

1. The numbers 1 to 9 are used in the puzzle, but not 0.
2. Each chain of white spaces may use each number just ONCE in the puzzle answer.
3. Each puzzle will have ONE unique solution, badly formed kakuro puzzles do not.
4. Clues in the bottom half of a clue square refer to the downwards answer, in the top of the square refer to the across answer.

The object of the game of kakuro is fill in the blank squares (typically white in colour but this may vary with different puzzles makers) to correctly satisfy the clues given in the adjacent black squares using the numbers 1 to 9 just once in each row of white spaces. Examples follow:

Kakuro puzzles first appeared in the UK when the Guardian newspaper began printing them in September 2005 but have been around for much longer than that under the name of Cross Sums and as Kakro or Kakuro in Japan which is a shortened version of kasan kurosu which translates roughly as 'addition cross'. Kakuro puzzle games are also known as X-Sums and Cross Additions in some publications.

Kakuro Trivia: The game of kakuro is also known as X-Sums and Cross-Sums in the United States and Kakro in Japan but is also often mispelled as kackuro, kakuru, kakura and kakru.